Friday, 11 July 2014

Pandora Watch (Imagine 3)

Last March, I have made my first ever purchase at SINGSALE. They were having promotion on Pandora watches! It was not surprising that the items really got sold out sooooo fast! With all the choices available, I almost went gaga. Haha. Finally ended up getting the Pandora Imagine 3 Bundle (1 Watch + 4 leather straps + 3 bezels). And a blue Pandora Expression for a sporty look.

So today, I am going share my own SINGSALE experience + Pandora Watch review. SINGSALE is where you can shop online for branded stuffs on a given period. If you are lucky enough, you can get yourself a really good deal. And I am a newbie on this… We all have our first times.

Pros: Massive savings  Cons: 7 weeks waiting time (my waiting time).

I was supposed to get the items on 28/April but the day came and I still don’t have the tracking details so I made a follow-up query through “My Contacts” tab. I was informed that there will be some delays… I sent messages a few times and felt like I was getting an automatic reply. I was getting the same respond. Until I finally gave up.

After 7 weeks, I have received the parcel with no missing items. The items were packed securely and in perfect condition (10/10). For me, it was worth the long wait. You just got to have the patience!

Tada!!! Actual Packaging

The Pandora Imagine 3 Bundle came with 3 bezels and 4 leather straps.

Strap has “Pandora” engraving on it.
Finally I have seen the watch with my very own eyes. I have never seen one in the local stores here. I am not sure why. This is one of the reasons why I like it. It is not easily available.

It originally came in with the glossy leather strap. And it was beautiful and simply elegant. This watch is not automatic so you need to change batteries. At the back it says it is made of Sapphire crystal which makes it immensely scratch resistant. Swiss Made. How is that for a starter? And the cool thing about this is that you can always change the straps and bezels. Nowadays you will find a lot of watches that you can “dress” up.
I have small wrist so I took some photos to share with you. It fits nicely on my wrist. Which one do you like better?

Imagine 3 in Purple Leather Strap and "Pandora" Engraved Bezel

Imagine 3 in Black Leather Strap and Bezel with crystals
Warranty card is valid only in Australia. But I am not in Australia. Haha. Hopefully I won’t have any issues. Keeping my finger crossed. Until then. Keep on Ronskidoodling!

Monday, 30 December 2013

Ronski Doodle's Pandora Bracelet (My Story)

Somebody did asked me how much I have spent on my completed Pandora bracelet. As of today, it is almost filled-up. However it can still accommodate two more charms. Hmmm…. My baby’s worth would be around SGD1,100 plus (USD870) including the sterling silver bracelet. I’ve reached the finished line! Hehe. Hopefully the addiction will be over soon. Oooops!!!

Intention is to share information so I included the retail prices as well. Not to brag or anything. For some, it is just a waste of money thinking that these are just silvers. I respect everyone’s opinion. To each his own.  
Pandora has wide varieties of charms. All silver with no colour would normally be the cheapest. The more stones, gold and colours you see; the pricier it gets…

The value of Pandora bracelet really depends on individual… How you create your story and put your memories together… Each charm symbolizes something in my personal life. I have been using this every single day and I love it!!! From A to Z. From work place to mall! Hehe.

I would be glad to share my Pandora with you guys. SO THIS IS MY STORY… J

SPARKLING FOOTBALL CHARM (with Pink  Zirconia Stones) – This reminds me of my son. He loves balls of every kind. He inspires me in a lot of ways. And every mom adores her child. SGD 124.

BRIDE & GROOM – Reminds me of our wedding day. Our commitment to marriage and to each other: To love and to hold. For richer and poorer. For better or for worse… SGD53.

EVERLASTING PINK BOUQUET – I got married in November and just perfect because this came in pink. SGD88.

THEATRICAL MASK – I love the wordings “To be or not to be.” Reminds me of my college days. The day that I have discovered that I had a talent for theatre acting. The day when I faced one of my biggest fear in life… A gift from hubby. SGD 53.

PEARL OYSTER– Reminds me of the beach and my boys. We love summer and building sand castles together. I love the tranquillity that only nature can offer. SGD88.

CHINESE LOVE HEART – Reminds of love that I have discovered in Singapore. SGD53.

YIN & YANG – The most expensive charm that I’ve got. Reminds me of “balance” that we need to put in life. Sometimes we are overwhelmed with too much activities and expectations that we miss to see the real beauty around us. I love the black and white enamel. They're just gorgeous. SGD177.

CAMERA – For the love of photography. A gift from hubby. SGD53.

FRIENDS FOREVER – It comes in 2 butterflies. Had given the other half butterfly to my best friend. Perfect reminder for friendships that we treasure. SGD106.

GIFT BOX– Christmas gift from my Pandora sister. SGD53.

PURPLE GLASS RIPPLE – One & only Murano glass charm. Got this for a dash of colour. SGD53.

ETERNAL HEART Safety Chain – For the reason that these are hearts. Simple statement saying I love my Pandora. SGD71.
 2 clips – Nothing in particular. Got this due to its availability. Each clip is SGD53.
I have mentioned retail prices so that you have some idea. I super love looking at other’s Pandora bracelets, so feel free to share yours…. I would be delighted to meet other Pandora sisters out there. You can send me a link or photo.

This is Ronski Doodle wishing everyone  Happy Holidays!

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Updated Soufeel Vs Pandora Charm Bracelet (Part Two)

First of all, I would like to greet everyone a Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho! I am wishing everyone well...

Christmas is the season of giving and sharing. So this year I have given some of my closest friends some Pandora charms. One of my closest girlfriend gave me one too. And I had a few addition to my collection which was a gift from my hubby last month. Hmm.. Last month was my birthday. I am almost reaching the finish line! My Pandora silver bracelet is almost filled up... And hopefully I can get over with this addiction.

Seven months ago I have purchased Soufeel charm bracelet that looked similar to Pandora. It is much affordable than Pandora. So for those who have read Soufeel Vs Pandora (Part One) here is my update. I am pretty sure that there are people who would like to see how it looks now.

I took a photo of Pandora and Soufeel bracelets together. My Pandora is now 9 months old while my Soufeel bracelets are both 7 months old.

Right-Pandora. Center-Soufeel. Left-Soufeel.

If you take a closer look from the photo below, you can see that there is a difference in the color. Soufeel is of darker tone/shade than of Pandora's.


Top-Pandora. Bottom-Soufeel.
 I have also taken a photo of a Soufeel and Pandora charm side by side. These are both hearts.
I had one Soufeel charm that looked exactly the same when I purchased it online 7 months ago. So I assume it was 100% silver. But this Soufeel heart charm's color had really changed big time. I am disappointed with this.

In short, I found some discoloration in my Soufeel charm bracelet and "some" of the charms. Soufeel has this 365 days exchange and return policy. So let us wait what they are going to say about this. My Soufeel silver earrings are totally fine until now. My experience could be different from the rest. But I am here to share my personal review so hope you found this helpful...
Keep on Ronki Doodling!!!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Pandora Silver Station Necklace, Black Onyx

How is everyone today? I am currently munching a Kinder Happy Hippo Biscuit while writing this new review… Heee… Yummy! Anyways today I am sharing my latest purchase from Pandora. Got this lovely necklace from Changi Airport T1 last July. Lock sold separately.

 Four reasons why I’m loving this silver station necklace, black onyx:

1. 40% discount (guessing that it’s an old model). Who doesn’t love discount?!? Same reason why I like them is that they won’t be too easy to find.

2. Can wear it for formal or casual wear. Personal opinion is that it is a classic piece. It does not have that wow factor but it’s something that will not go out of style. I think…

3. Love the Onyx stones. Though I wish they’re a little bigger.

4. I have discovered that it can be worn in 3 different ways! Single long necklace, double necklace (being a petite person that I am -- which is my favourite,) and bracelet of course! That is what I love about Pandora. You can always reinvent. All you need is a playful imagination. Pandora has this new necklace concept. If you have other necklace chains you can hook them together for a more chic look. However I do not have much of them right now. Ooops…

Actual measurement of chain. Lock sold separately.


Here are some modelling shots. 

This time I've layered the chain 4 times around my wrist and placed a clip to keep the chains together. This gives your "bracelet" a neat look.

I like to match it with black handmade Onyx earrings that I’ve ordered online from an Ebay seller in Canada.The faceted surface of the earrings goes well with the necklace. Overall I am really happy about it. I paid less than USD20, free postage to Singapore! It exceeded my expectation. I just don’t know how to spot a fake onyx stones… Any experts around? Feel free to comment. :)
If you are interested to know more about the earrings (not Pandora), just let me know and I will be glad to feature this on my next blog...

Keep on Ronski Doodling!!!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Soufeel Barrel Clasp Replaced!!!!

S-h-o-p-p-i-n-g  right at your fingertips offers a lot of convenience. However it always comes with a risk. It could be a case of wrong size, faulty products or it simply did not meet your expectation. As long as there is after-sales support, then you should not worry about online shopping haul!

If you have read my last post "Soufeel Leather Bracelet Review", I have mentioned about the discoloration of the barrel clasp of the leather bracelet I've purchased online.
Honestly speaking, I thought that the 365 days return & exchange was too good to be true. But guess what, this jewelry online store actually replaced the clasp without asking too many questions. 
Last 6/June they have sent me an email that they have shipped the good one. Then I got this at my doorstep on 11/June. Clasp is functioning well but it is the discoloration that bothers me. Here are some photos for your viewing.


Here are some modelling photos of my Soufeel leather bracelet.
Soufeel Bracelet with Soufeel Dangling Heart Charm

Soufeel & Pandora Silver Bracelet. Who says you can't wear them together? To each his own. :)


Monday, 27 May 2013

SOUFEEL Leather Bracelet Review

Not so long ago I’ve written my last blog comparing SOUFEEL and PANDORA. So now I would like to make a separate review on the Skin Color Leather Bracelet that I’ve gotten from
I like to wear the leather bracelet on "dress me down" days. Simple but chic. Skin/Tan color reminds me of summer and flowery prints. You can wear it with or without charms. The bracelet itself is of good quality and the clasp is said to be sterling silver.
My Soufeel Bracelets.
After few days of wearing, I’ve noticed some discoloration on the barrel clasp. Hmm.. color is similar to rust. Kind of brownish. Being a fussy customer, I wrote an email to and attached pictures of the barrel clasp. If it is genuine sterling silver, why is there such a discoloration?  
Did you notice the discoloration?
Their reply was surprisingly fast and they have confirmed that the barrel clasp was defective/faulty. They have offered to replace it with no additional cost.  Of course, who would say “NO” to that? :)
I am writing this review to share my overall experience with Not only the product itself but the kind of after-sales service they provide. Especially when something goes wrong and there is no physical store you can go to.

If you’ll ask me, I will not hesitate to do another online purchase with them. But not charms this time… Perhaps a cocktail ring? Or a necklace? ;)

Until then... Thanks for reading! Keep on Ronski Doodling…



Wednesday, 15 May 2013

SOUFEEL vs PANDORA (A Closer Look / Review)

This is the continuation of my Soufeel journey!

So here are the items I’ve picked from  Pink is the color for October. That is why most of the charms I’ve chosen came with pink crystals. I wanted to incorporate it to my Pandora theme.  
  1. Happy Little Boy Head Charm @ USD 16.95 (reminds me of my toddler who is 2)
  2. October Birthstone Love Heart Dangle Charm @ USD 16.95
  3. Pink Heart Crystal Charm @ USD 17.95
  4. Rose Stones Blooming Birthstone Charm @ USD 17.95
  5. High Polished Sterling Silver Heart Stud Earrings @ USD 29.95
  6. Skin Color Leather Bracelet with Silver Clasp @ USD 20.95 
    Sparkling Collection
Among all the items, I like the intricate details of this Rose Charm.

FREE (Includes Free Shipping):
  1. Sterling Silver Bracelet with barrel clasp
  2. Crystal Earrings in random color (They’ve sent me the clear one.)
  3. Heart Photo Charm (Mother's Day Promotion)

Soufeel free bracelet does not have the 4 threads like the famous Pandora bracelet.
Instead it has 2. One thread at each end.
For those who are not very familiar, Pandora bracelet has 4 threads dividing it into 3 sections. Thread is where you put the clip on.
It keeps the charms from sliding around your wrist; at the same time protecting the bracelet from wear and tear because of uneven weight distribution.

Soufeel Charms do not have the thread design inside that Pandora Charms have.
Below is a photo I took for comparison. 

I only have "few" Pandora charms but I’ve noticed that the holes of the charm are of standard size. Soufeel Charms can fit in a Pandora bracelet because of its relatively larger holes with no threads okay. However not all Pandora charms can fit in a Soufeel bracelet.  
Here is a photo of Soufeel Charms in a Pandora Bracelet.

Soufeel is an option you can consider if you want something that will not hurt your wallet. It is worth the buck. I find that the overall quality is good and price is reasonable. Aside from the charm bracelets, they have a lot of interesting items that will catch your eyes.
Of course, it cannot go at par Pandora’s quality. My personal verdict is that Pandora is way much better than Soufeel. You get superb quality for what you shell out. There are still a lot of top notch brands in the market like Trollbeads, Chamilia and others. I haven't seen them in flesh, though. :)

Hope you find this blog helpful! Keep on reading... Keep on Ronski Doodling!!!